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Top Chef 3: Assignment Miami Beach

According to the Miami Herald, Top Chef Season 3 is headed to Miami. Being that I lived there for about 17 years, I couldn’t be happier. Here’s what the Herald had to say…

Don’t be surprised if you see young people in white jackets running down Lincoln Road with sauté pans and white truffle oil.

Top Chef, Bravo’s hit culinary competition, will film its third season in the Miami area this spring, the cable network has confirmed.

The show is famous for on-location cooking challenges: Past seasons saw contestants prepare street-cart food in San Francisco and a surfer’s breakfast on the beaches of Malibu. The Wednesday night show pits 15 chefs against each other for a cash prize and the publicity the title of Top Chef brings.

An item in a Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau report says the hour-long show will film 13 of its 15 episodes in Miami starting this month.

Follow the link above for more info.


Expensive Cheap Wine Glasses

Wine Cup

If you still drink alcohol out of plastic cups, but are looking to step up your classiness a bit, check out this wine glass-cup hybrid. As seen on yumsugar, they’re called “sommelier” and are handblown in the Czech Republic by Maxim Velcovsky for Qubus Design Studio. A single glass will cost £25 (about $50).

A bit pricey, so unless you’re in the Forbes top 100, I’d skip buying these to play beer pong with.

WWFF on iTunes

Good songs for good cookin’! Click here to view the WWFF food mix over on iTunes.

There are 96 songs total and include such hits as:

  • Fruitcakes – Jimmy Buffett
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard
  • She Don’t Use Jelly – The Flaming Lips
  • Candy – Foxy Brown
  • Hey! Mashed Potato! Hey! – The 5, 6, 7, 8’s
  • Raspberry Beret – Prince
  • The Coffee Song – Frank Sinatra
  • Sugar Baby – Bob Dylan
  • Peanut Butter Blues – Bo Diddley
  • Rock Lobster – The B-52’s
  • I Want Candy – Bow Wow Wow
  • Hot Potatoes – The Kinks
  • Popcorn Love – New Edition
  • Chocolate Jesus – Tom Waits
  • Spongecake and Spinach – Duke Ellington
  • Burritos – Sublime
  • Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young
  • Know Your Onion! – The Shins
  • Sex and Candy – Marcy Playground
  • God of Wine – Third Eye Blind
  • Beans for Breakfast – Johnny Cash
  • Orange Crush – R.E.M.

…just to name a few.

Colorful Creative Colander


The coolest colander ever. It can be used as both a colander and a serving dish, and looks like a sleek modern chair. Made of bright yellow-glazed ceramic, and is dishwasher safe. Just tilt to one side for the colander, the other for the bowl. This’ll look great on any kitchen countertop.

Free Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Right on the tails of the Starbucks free coffee giveaway comes a free Dunkin’ Donuts cup o’ joe. Actually it’s iced, and it’s 16oz. Thanks to Slashfood for the heads up. To celebrate the first day of spring, DD will “put winter on ice” for the entire day. Head over to your local DD on March 21st anytime during the day for your free cup.