McD’s Debuts 100% Angus Burgers

I’m not really a fan of McDonald’s and I couldn’t tell you the last time I was there. But lately it seems McD’s is actually trying to improve their restaurants, probably due to the fast food industry movies, and it’s actually pretty interesting. Here’s the latest news in which they debut three all new 100% Angus beef burgers.

One of the creations McDonald’s is debuting next week is the Angus Deluxe, a “backyard style” burger with crinkle-cut pickles and red ring-shaped onions, as opposed to chopped onions and flat pickles served on other burgers, Frisbie said.

A new sesame seed “bakery-style roll” was also developed for the burgers by Brea, Calif.-based Fresh Start Bakeries Inc., a longtime bun supplier to McDonald’s.

The other two burgers are mushroom and Swiss cheese and a bacon cheeseburger. All three burgers sell for $3.99, on par with other fast food chains featuring premium burgers and about $1.60 more than a Big Mac.

Can’t wait to see the nutrition facts on those. If you’re interested in more fast food news, scroll down for yesterday’s McDonald’s post.

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