Food Coupons via Your Cell Phone

Great idea! Maybe I’ll actually use coupons now. Head over to Slashfood for the full article.

How many young men and women do you know who clip coupons? Though there are certainly some out there who do, I imagine the general answer is probably not too many. Fast food restaurants have realized this, and in an effort to better reach their target market and entice them to eat at their establishment, many will be offering coupons that can be downloaded directly to a cell phone. Once on the phone, the consumer only has to show the screen to the cashier to receive the discounted price.

Or head over and download the phone application at Cellfire.


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  1. arthur on

    Incentivizing the click in a non-intrusive way is a good idea in action! Coupon selection rocks!

  2. cincodemayo1 on

    If anyone actually tries this, please report back what happened. Did the server actually know what you’re talking about or did he/she think you were nuts?

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