The Joy of Cooking


Who said cooking can’t be fun? Not only are these functional (100% silicone and able to withstand tempuratures from -58 degrees to 446 degrees) but you can also hold impromptu puppet shows while you cook. According to Foster’s these are on backorder until March 2007 (uh, now) so keep checking back. Available in frog and dog.


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  1. tomorrowsplayground on

    I’ve being trying to get one of these in blue for ages. No luck yet! Bought one for my friend as a present and now can’t get one for myself 😦

  2. cincodemayo1 on

    Blue? Which animal is blue? You could always be an indian giver…good luck finding one!

  3. tomorrowsplayground on

    i’ve already bought a blue dog…for my friend. I went back to get one for myself and they were all sold out. I bought it in Sydney.

  4. cincodemayo1 on

    Damn those Aussies! They get all the good stuff, like Crocodile Dundee and bloomin’ onions!

  5. […] really use a potato peeler and for $8 why not get this one? It’ll go perfectly with your frog & dog oven […]

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