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Cico Egg Cup by Alessi

Cico Egg Cup

If you enjoy fun little inanimate objects watching you eat, you’ll love this. Alessi can do no wrong with their design. Here’s a fun little Egg Cup ($15) that dispenses salt through it’s hat and holds a spoon.


The Village Idiot


Tried it about 3 weeks ago, shortly after it opened.

I live about 5 blocks away and I’ve been driving by it saying “that place looks really cool” for the last couple weeks and I finally went it.

Atmospherewise, it’s great. Very NYC. Lots of dark woods, very open lofty feel, exposed brick wall. Loved it. The place had a good vibe, no wait, but pretty full.

Foodwise, it was not bad. Not terrific, but not bad. I think it’s more of a bar with food, rather than a restaurant with drinks. I had the catfish with black eyed peas…nothing special, but it was cooked well. My friend had the pork shank, which I thought was pretty damn good. Fall off the bone. Not out of this world, but pretty good for the $15 or so it cost him.

Drinkwise, lots on draft. Lots bottled. Wines, full bar, etc.

I’ll be back.


Back for round two last night. Got there at about 10:30 and there was a good crowd. Valet is now available but I found a meter right across the street.

Walked in and all the tables were filled up, as was the bar. But enough room to move. Found the guy with the clipboard, put our name in, and only had 1 table ahead of us.

Had the beer from Pasadena and another from San Diego. No food this time, except for the $4 cookie that we split…actually worth the price. It’s quite big, and there were 3 of us, so by the time you split the cookie it’s more than enough. Very rich, but hot and gooey.


Drinkwise and atmospherewise, the place is great. Points deducted for food being just above average, but since I didn’t try it my second time around, I can’t be too critical.

The Village Idiot
7383 Melrose Avenue

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