Dharma Rations

Dharma Rations

Next time you host a LOST party or if you’re just plain bored and a fan, go to this site and download the PDF. Then whip out the scissors and tape and go to work.


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  1. Brent on

    Sweet! Dharma peanut butter. I don’t remember seeing any Dharma beer or cola on Lost.

    By the way, I’ve never had a Lost party. I cannot stand the idea of watching it with any distractions whatsoever.

    Lost and 24 are my two favorite TV programs, and have revived the watching of TV in my house. Most TV is such garbage, that my brain has actually benefited –now that I read far more often. As a matter of fact, I’m currently reading a book about Lost!


  2. chocobee on

    they remove the link.
    any chance u still have the pdf copy? pls send to my email
    mheidzir at gmail dot com

  3. logan on

    Thats a really good idea!!! It looks like they came straight from the island.

  4. Eagon on

    i made the pb one and its cool

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