Lobster Mashed Potatoes

This is a great app I had at Mastro’s Steak House in LA. It’s amazing when served in the recipe, and when I make it at home it’s almost as good. You can go the whole 9 yards and make the potatoes from scratch but I like the mix box just cause it’s quick. Here’s the easy way…


  • lobster chunks (chopped up lobster)
  • mashed potatoes mix
  • paprika
  • s & p
  • butter


  1. First, cook the box of mashed potatoes following the instructions on the box. Use milk instead of water if suggested.
  2. Once the potatoes are smooth and ready, dump a load of lobster chunks into the potatoes. The more lobster the better. Get as much as you can afford.
  3. Season with salt and pepper and a bit of paprika.
  4. Mix in melted butter to taste and to add to the smoothness.
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